GPT-U is the next-generation generative AI SaaS that helps users create unique text skills using a mixed-model AI system. With GPT-U, users can quickly generate natural language text in various styles and tones using their examples and data.

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Our GPT-U mixed-model system (MMS) is designed to provide you with the most advanced and reliable AI technology available. Our team of experts has spent countless hours developing this technology, so you can trust that it will provide you with the best possible results.

Satellite Writer AI Skill Lab

Create your own AI skills and explore boundless potential to improve workflows and resell AI services. Delve into the exciting features and opportunities that await you within the AI Lab, empowering you to transform your digital presence like never before.

Introducing AI Surrogates

Explore the future of personalized artificial intelligence with Surrogates by AI Exosphere. Discover how Surrogates create custom AI models tailored to influencers, celebrities, and end-users, offering real-time conversations on various topics. Experience the power of AI and voice cloning technology, making interactions with Surrogates feel remarkably real. Elevate your engagement to new heights with Surrogates, your personalized AI replica.